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Revolutionize your digital experience with Horn: the ultimate low-code telepresence solution

Boost your app or website with easy-to-implement real-time communication.

Horn offers versatile solutions, from simple web conferencing integration to custom-tailored projects with unique authentication, meeting diverse needs with ease.

Our platform excels in flexibility, enabling quick, extensive customization to perfectly fit your specific requirements.

Why choose Horn?


Experience the Power of Telepresence

See how Horn's telepresence solution can enhance your application, mobile app, or website. Request a demo today.

Who Uses Horn

Horn powers solutions tailored to specific industries. We've developed an engine versatile enough to handle a wide array of audio/video-related tasks, enabling the creation of virtually any product related to online communication.

Here are just a few examples of the types of solutions we can work with.


Web Conferencing

Young Doctor


Image by Kane Reinholdtsen

Virtual Events

Music Amplifier Repair

Online Music Performance

Distance Learning

Online Learning

Image by Charanjeet Dhiman

Customer Support

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