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Horn is the low-code platform that makes it easy for you to

integrate telepresence into your application, mobile app, or website.

Telepresence is the addition of live multi-user human voice and/or video to a software experience.
Why Horn

Your application isn't a meeting

And web meeting tools aren't the best way to bring voices and faces to your workflows. See why Horn is:

Your application isn't a meeting

Designed to Disappear

We like our name, but it shouldn’t be part of your customer’s experience. Horn was built to be invisible to your end-users, so their focus stays on your brand and the end-user experience you intend to deliver.

  • Runs in your domain or application

  • 100% browser-based - no downloads or extensions (even on mobile!)

  • Color, icon, and text customization is easy

  • Extensively configurable to match your workflow

Multi-Channel Data

HD audio and video means Horn sounds much better than a phone call and looks great. The same proprietary configurable back-end that routes A/V within a Horn session can also optionally handle text chat and other arbitrary data channels.

For example, Horn has been used to drive the first seamless integration of browser-based A/V with digital musical instruments by adding a dedicated data channel for MIDI data. 

Proprietary Backend + Standards-based Frontend

Horn's engine was built in-house specifically to enable the flexibility, scalability, and customization that sets it apart.

But our front-end uses only standard protocols and a published API, which means any application stack can easily integrate.

Your Horn integration can use our pre-built widgets, develop against our APIs, or do some of each — Horn can meet you anywhere on the simplicity / power spectrum.

Presentation & Access Controls

Muting audio and controlling who can share video barely scratches the surface. The Horn platform supports a wide range of presentation controls from simple presenter/audience roles to fully managed "panel" mode supporting production quality controls over which audio or video streams are broadcast at each moment.

  • Hosts can control the "lobby door" to decide who can join a room, and when

  • Optional user authentication via oAuth, JWT, or custom access URLs

  • Ability to transparently tie into existing auth for frictionless entry

Reseller Ready

Horn optionally exposes multi-tenant capabilities to the horn integrator, making it easy to partition your customer accounts for the purposes of configuration, user management, accounting, reporting, or API access.

Integration Options

Horn comes out of the box ready to go, but can also be integrated into your existing systems, data, or user-facing workflows.

  • Connect user authentication to your existing systems

  • Dynamically adapt runtime configuration according to your application state 

  • Consume our webhook style Event API to close the loop between your application logic and your Horn-powered conversations

How it works

Horn is easy to use


Create one or more conversation rooms.

This is a couple of clicks in our management tool or a single API call.


Embed our widget.

A handful of lines of javascript code will embed Horn in any web page or application.


Configure (optional).

Configuration can be added to the javascript in a static embed, or dynamically generated by your application at runtime.


Relax - we've got it from here!

Your site or application is now telepresence enabled. Horn's scalable multi-tenant backend will handle usage, which you can monitor via API or our management console.


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Who Uses Horn

Horn Powers Vertical-Specific Solutions

Customer Service
Music Lessons
Retail Financial
Ad hoc conversation
Health Care
Let's talk

To learn more about how Horn can help you integrate telepresence in your application or website, drop us a note and we'll be in touch shortly!

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